40 Maltby Street, Bermondsey

I’ve been mulling over whether to write a blog post about this place. But finally, after an hour of deliberating and reassuring myself that only a best mate, my wife and potentially one other person (I reckon an impromptu announcement by my CEO to everyone in the entire company at our weekly meeting that they need to read it, at least SOMEONE from work might be – Thanks Tim!) is reading this blog, I’m probably safe.

So, drummmmm rollll, *bish bash bosh* this is my favourite place in London.

I love this place because:

1. It’s not crowded, 2. New and imaginative wines every single week 3. It’s the sort of place you can ask, what’s that wine like, and they’ll whip out the bottle and pour you some so you can try for yourself. 4. They trust people. You get that? 5. It’s like going the best local in the world. 6. The food is superb, it changes every week and all from a tiny little kitchen in the corner. 7. It’s in a railway arch. 8. They’re a bit short of space, so some of the tables are perched on the top of wine cases. 9. Each and everyone of their staff love what they do. 10. It’s only open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. Well who wants to work on Saturday night?!

Passion. Warmth. Imagination. Creativity. Down to earth. And bloody good wine. I hope no-one’s reading!

Dishes for two with dessert, a bottle of red, 2 glasses of more red and two MORE glasses of dessert wine – 83

40 Maltby Street, Bermondsey. Nearest tube: Bermondsey. No need to book. You can’t anyway.


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  1. G 02/12/2012 at 21:47

    So lets go there for dinner… partly because it’s been ages since I saw you but also as a reward for reading your blog (and proof that someone else reads it too ;)


  2. Prav 02/12/2012 at 23:42

    Lets all do it. This Thursday night? I might have to start a new blog!

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